Mastery Based Education

Empowering teachers to catch-up student backlogs

More than 60% of students have foundational gaps in Maths. But as teachers, it’s incredibly difficult to provide the personal support needed for every student.

We identify backlogs for each student and provide a personalised catch-up course to bridge the gaps.

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Game Changing Teaching Tools

Reflective Learning is an invaluable diagnostic tool that provides teachers with the ability to assess not only which concepts a learner struggles with but how far back they need to go in order for them catch up. It then provides individualised programmes, helping learners build on and strengthen their understanding of those concepts from exactly where they missed out.

Powerful Diagnostics

Identify conceptual gaps with our uniquely powerful diagnostics.

Diagnostics That Work

Our in-depth assessments pinpoint not only which concepts a learner struggles with but how far back to start learning.

Individualised Catch-Up

Personalised catch-up to rebuild foundational gaps and backlogs.

Mastery Based Learning

Our catch-up builds mastery of concepts, reaching back to years that teachers do not have time to cover.

Effortless Impact

Encourage independent learning through easy to use technology.

Easy to Use

Accessible from any smart device, incredibly data-light, and a beautiful user experience makes it easy for students to learn independently.

How we help

Empowering students to become lifelong learners

See our impact

Creating new opportunities for learning success

Reflective Learning explains the ideas so clearly. They explained the simple concepts in a way that I can understand. It’s fun to do, and easy to follow.


Year 8 Student

Improvement from 53% to 80% in six months

Proven Impact

Award Winning Technology

Our software has received international acclaim and we are grateful for the recognition. To be awarded 1st place in South Africa, 4th Place globally at the Global EdTech Startup Awards 2020 was an honour. Another key highlight of our journey so far is that UNESCO recognized us as thought leaders of pedagogy in the EdTech space.

GESA Awards 2020

1st Place Finalist

1st Place finalist in South Africa and 4th Placed Globally for the Global Edtech Startup Awards 2020

UNESCO Mobile Learning Week

2020 Mobile Learning Speaker

Invited to speak at the UNESCO 2020 Mobile Learning Week in France

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