Danville Park Girls’ High School


The Impact at Danville Park Girl’s High School

“We’ve started this programme from Term 2 and we’ve seen a drastic increase in our marks; and we’re really excited about the programme. There is a problem with this generation in reading and understanding. I feel that the Reflective Learning programme enables them to work on their own to read, understand and answer questions. I love this programme because it teaches them independence.”
– Sharmini Govender, Maths Teacher, Danville Park Girls’ High

Danville Park Girls’ High started using Reflective Learning in the second term of 2022, providing
students access to one period each week and any other free periods that were available.

The improvement in marks at Danville Park Girls' High after using Reflective Learning

At the time of writing, a large proportion of students (39%) were still in the process of catching
up in Fractions, and as such, the Fraction competency would be expected to rise soon once
reassessment has taken place.

In addition, these same Grade 8 students improved their school marks from an average of 55%
in Term 1 to 71% to Term 2, with the failure rate dropping by 20% (22% to 2%).

“We were actually shocked. Usually our Term 2 is where we see a decrease in the marks, and the reason that we see a decrease is because it’s an exam term; there’s stress and there’s anxiety.”

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