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Reflective Learning has been the catalyst for a new era of education. We believe that mastery based education is key to returning the emphasis in teaching back onto what matters most – learning. Reflective learning gives people an opportunity to pursue what once seemed like unimaginable goals in order make big changes in one’s life.

Many Students Have Gaps in Their Maths Understanding

Learning is a unique experience for all students. Our personal experiences are what make learning so unique.

This means that students are not able to absorb 100% of what has been taught every time. This is how learning backlogs are created.

The structure of maths is like a tower – building on itself every year – but it can become unstable without solid foundations

Learners are guided through
our 4 step process

Identify Gaps

Identify learning gaps across 81 core Maths concepts

Provide In-depth Feedback

Formative feedback guides students through their results

Personalised Catch-up

Receive personalised catch-up based on individual needs

Continuous Reassessment

Re-assess to see improvement over time

We help students to identify their gaps and catch them up quickly.

We identify learning gaps across 81 foundation concepts

Having run over 120 000 thousand diagnostic assessments, we’ve seen that every student has a unique set of gaps.

We assess 81 key foundational concepts across seven learning journeys that are required for future learning.

By benchmarking students at three levels for each concept, we’re able to understand how far back in their education that their gaps go – even if that’s back to the start of primary school.

We provide formative feedback to improve metacognition

While it’s important that teachers know where the gaps are, it’s even more important for a student to understand their own learning.

Our formative feedback guides students through a process of understanding what they already know and what they still need to know.

This improves their metacognition which in turn helps them to become better learners so they catch up quicker.

We personalise catch-up courses by targeting identified gaps

We target the gaps of each individual student according to their needs identified through the diagnostics.

Our seven learning journeys intentionally cut across multiple years of education to build incremental understanding in the most pedagogically logical manner.

By focusing on deep conceptual understanding, we connect knowledge in a highly scaffolded manner to avoid the need for rote-learnt procedures.

We measure learning through continuous re-assessment

Going through content is not the same thing as learning.

We measure the incremental improvements in understanding by re-assessing learners at the end of their journey.

Students experience the result of their effort, motivating them to catch up their other gaps.

Teachers follow progress through powerful dashboards and reports which guide how engage with students.

Award Winning Technology

In 2020, Reflective Learning placed 4th in the world at the Global Edtech Startup Awards, scoring higher than many other winning companies from previous years. One of the judges commented “It looks like your current solution has really cracked how to use clever assessment and personalised learning paths to close some of those gaps in math learning.”

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