Raising Achievement in the Lowveld


In 2021, Ntiyiso Consulting sponsored a project which used Reflective Learning to assist 58 Grade 8 students at Lowveld Academy in Limpopo. After introducing the programme to the school principal, Maths HOD and wider Maths department. 


The school had fifteen computers available for the programme and stable connectivity ensured that no technical issues were run into. Covid-19 restrictions, however, did reduce the amount of contract time due to students only attending school every second day. Students had access to the lab in twohour sessions, enabling them to complete all diagnostic assessments over five days. Even though the students were in Grade 8, their average competency in Maths was just below Grade 4 level.
The baseline results at Lowveld Academy


The school dedicated class teaching time to the programme, allowing students to spend time in the school’s computer laboratory, under supervision, to do their catchup. The majority of students were provided one 40minute period per week of contact time with Reflective Learning


After working on Reflective Learning for two terms, students had made significant progress in catching up their gaps. The improvements (green) for individual students in the first two threads are shown below. Across all threads, the students caught up 2.2 years in the space of sixmonths, with the largest improvement being 5.1 years

The improvements from Lowveld Academy after using Reflective Learning

These improvements in the Reflective Learning assessments translated into improvement in grade-level marks. When comparing the class mark in Term 1 (42% average) and Term 3 (64% average), the class average improved by 22% over the period of two terms. 

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