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We believe in the value of education. We want to create a more productive dialogue around it by returning its emphasis back to learning, and moving away from teaching methods that have been proven not as effective for students. Our goal is set on providing teachers and schools with access to the latest educational insights and resources to enhance their effectiveness in the classroom and maximise the impact on every learner.

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The Breakthrough

Learners have the ability to catch-up 4-6 grades of knowledge in Mathematics within a single year. Personalised diagnostic assessment can…

Mind the Gap

When major learning gaps build over time, there is little difference in knowledge between Grade 9 and Grade 11 learners.…

Scaling for the Future

The personalised catch-up approach can be scaled across multiple schools and provinces to achieve significant results with only the weekly…

Renewed Maths Hope

The learning trajectory of the Students for Excellence programme (catching up 4-6 grades over a single year) can be replicated…

The Learning Plateau

Learning gaps widen over time, from a four-year gap in Grade 9 to a six-year gap in Grade 12. Without…

A Beacon of Hope

Students have the ability to catch-up as much as 4 years of knowledge within a 3 month period. Consistency in…

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Improving teaching and learning through assessment

The impact of metacognitive activation

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