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We identify backlogs for each student and provide a personalised catch up course to bridge the gaps.

I would advocate that every learner in the country should be on the programme.”
Bruce Probyn

Former Principal of Wynberg Boys & Herschel Girls Head Mentor of Principals Academy Trust.”

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    Empowering Learners to Catch Up Backlogs

    What is Reflective

    We help students to identify where their learning gaps are and then catch them up quickly using an adaptive remediation program. Based on comprehensive data, this program empowers teachers and students by facilitating their progress towards conceptual mastery.

    Powerful Diagnostics

    Identify conceptual gaps with our uniquely powerful diagnostics. Pinpoint not only which concepts a learner struggles with but how far back to start learning with our in-depth assessments.

    Individualised Catch Up

    Personalised catch-up to rebuild foundational gaps and backlogs. Our catch-up builds mastery of concepts, reaching back to years that teachers do not have time to cover.

    Effortless Impact

    Encourage independent learning through easy to use technology. Accessible from any smart device, incredibly data-light, and a beautiful user experience makes it easy for students to learn independently.

    Taylor Staniland

    “Reflective Learning explains the ideas so clearly. They explained the simple concepts in a way that I can understand. It’s fun to do, and easy to follow.”

    Year 8 Learner

    Sally Mogwebe

    “Over half my class could not grasp the fundementals concepts in fractions. Reflective Learning has caught up those who felt left behind and help alleviate some of the pressure off of my shoulders.”

    Grade 4 maths teacher, Bergvliet
    Primary School

    Pietman Grundlingh

    “Reflective Learning showed me not to give up, but to keep practicing until I get it right. It gave me the will to do better and helped me catch up on things I didn’t understand.”

    Grade 10 Learner

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