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Reflective Learning assists teachers to identify and plug gaps in each learner through our pedagogically backed personalised learning platform.

Building solid foundations

Students face the growing challenge of overcoming their learning gaps. They struggle to grasp and comprehend what their teachers teach them daily. According to our data, most students need to catch up to the expected level of understanding for their current grade. Yet, they have knowledge gaps preventing them from achieving this.

Reflective Learning is designed to identify learning gaps that hinder learning. Once identified, the holes can be filled with targeted teaching material delivered to learners along pedagogically supported learning pathways tailored to each learner. Rebuilding the missing foundations and accelerating learning in the process.

School Success in 2022

Raising the standards of learning

Reflective Learning is cutting-edge technology that can pinpoint a learning gap down to the last point of secure understanding of a specific concept. Our unique benchmarking methodology enables the teacher to identify the appropriate level at which to begin the teaching process based on the needs of each and every learner.

This targeted approach accelerates the learning process and allows teachers to provide class-wide interventions on a large scale to raise understanding standards in each classroom and grade level. Leveraging the power of technology, Reflective Learning meets the needs of each child. Empowering the teacher to focus on teaching the curriculum while knowing that the missing foundations in each learner are addressed through Reflective Learning.

Accelerated Learning

There has never been a greater demand for an accelerated learning solution than now. The disruption of learning caused by the pandemic has resulted in a massive increase in the depth of learning gaps, with teachers reporting significant drops in the expected level of understanding in their classrooms. Traditional methods of dealing with learning gaps are proving insufficient for the current needs of learners and teachers.

Reflective Learning’s system provides the most effective solution to this need as it identifies the gaps across all grades. It addresses the depth and breadth of the problem. In addition, it provides interactive learning material taught at the appropriate level to each learner to maximise the impact of the intervention on a large scale.

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Reduced Teacher Workload

Teachers are the champions of learning in their classrooms. They give their all to reach the learners in their classes, but it’s not always possible for them to breakthrough. The problem of learning gaps impacts them immensely as it adds workload, time and pressure to their already stretched capacity. They are constantly battling the tension to complete the curriculum while also attempting to bridge the gaps that they see in their learners

This stress and extra work are alleviated for educators with the help of Reflective Learning. Our learning support tool guides learners through the process of identifying their gaps. The tool automatically assigns them the most suitable learning materials to work through to close those gaps, all while providing teachers with insightful data and information to better understand their students and how to best support them.

Access to Data and Insights

Getting a handle on each student’s specific requirements is a major obstacle in the classroom. Without technology, this would be incredibly inefficient and time-consuming for teachers to implement on a large scale.

Teachers can keep tabs on their students’ development with the help of Reflective Learning’s interactive dashboard. Teachers can examine information about their entire class or focus on specific students to learn more about their progress and how they can best help them. The level of understanding and the specific concepts with which students are struggling can be easily viewed by teachers. Teachers can improve their lessons and classroom practices with the help of data.

For School Pricing

Our school pricing is per learner and includes a full one-year licence for each learner. We also have a tiered pricing system that accounts for higher volumes of learners, as well as a per learner fee for the entire school. Adding an additional subject makes it very cost effective for the value provided. Request a demo to learn how you can get started at your school.


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