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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reflective Learning?

We identify backlogs for each student and provide a personalised catch-up course to bridge the gaps

Running the Assessment

Why is each diagnostic assessment so important?
Our learning tool provides each student with personalised learning material that is targeted to the needs of your child. The learning material we provide is based on the results of the diagnostic assessment. So, do your best not to help them out and don’t let them use a calculator. We don’t want to skew the assessment and provide the wrong learning material to your child.
What kind of environment should RL be implemented within?
Learning should always be fun and engaging. So keep your child motivated and reward their successes. To get the best out of the learning process, encourage your child to work as close to exam conditions as possible, keep the chatting to a minimum and focus on the task at hand.
What to stress to your child when taking an assessment at home?
• Take as much time as you need answering as many questions as you can. We recommend you use a pen and paper to complete the assessment; calculators are not permitted. Students have the ability to return to their assessment at a later time thanks to a feature that automatically saves their progress. There is no need to rush.

• Do not guess. Encourage them to use the IDK (I don’t know) button with confidence. Guessing will affect the learning pathway for your child and reduce the efficacy of the programme.

• Don’t assist them. When your child asks a question, it may be tempting to assist them. This is not your typical test. The purpose of the assessment is to determine what a student knows and, more importantly, does not know so that appropriate catch up material can be provided.

• We all have gaps. Nobody remembers 100% of what they read and write. Reflective Learning is designed to identify the gaps and then give students only what they need to catch up the knowledge in the correct order solidifying the foundations. This allows the new material being taught in your classroom to become easier to understand.


Parent Portal
Is currently under construction as soon as it is available parents will be notified. However in the meantime you can check progress in the student portal when you click on the concepts icon (green circle on the top toolbar)
Teachers Portal
Your school Champion (Teacher responsible for Reflective Learning) receives weekly reports on the process of the grades and is able to pull reports upon request.

Technology Questions

What kind of devices does RL work on?
On any Smart device that has access to the internet.
Does RL use a lot of data?
No. RL is very data light but still requires access to internet.
What browser should the students use?
Ideally students use Google Chrome as their browser but the program will work on other browsers.
Text To Speech
Test to speech has been added to assist learners who need assistance with written comprehension. This feature will read out the text to the learner using the browers built-in settings. Learners can follow along with the audio as they move through the content.
Trouble Logging in?
The most common error is the case sensitive passwords. Please ensure your email address is correct and that the password is typed in lowercase letters. If the problem persists, contact your school champion to escalate the issue.
If there are problems with the app (once they are already logged in), please encourage students to:

Click “refresh”
log out and back in
Click “refresh” Log out and back in. Clear cache (Push ‘ctrl’, ‘shift’ ‘r’)

If the above does not work, please encourage the students to use the chat functionality (manned by a real person at Reflective Learning in office hours).

Technology troubles?
Please take a screenshot of the issue and send it to your school champion along with the student’s username to escalate the issue further.

Other Common Questions

Should students be taking notes in a book?
Yes absolutely, taking notes is critical. If a student is not taking notes throughout their journey through the programme, they are not using RL correctly.
How often should each student use the programme per week?
At least 45min per week. The more the student uses the programme, the faster you will see results.
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